Permanent Tooth Replacements

You might be a candidate for a permanent tooth replacement if you need to have one or more teeth removed. Seabreeze Dental is an industry leader when it comes to permanent tooth replacements. Our specialists work together throughout the process to make sure the removal of the existing tooth and the replacement installation are all performed proficiently. It’s our number one goal to make sure that you have a healthy and happy smile that you can feel can confident about.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are essentially new roots that are implanted in the jawbone through the gums. Called an abutment, they act as a base for the cap, which is used to restore your beautiful smile. As an alternative to dentures and bridges, dental implants are permanently affixed to your jawbone, so they won’t move around or fall out of your mouth. They help the jawbone retain its strength and fill the gap left in a smile after a tooth has been removed. If you’re searching for a natural looking solution to fill the gap of a missing tooth, dental implants may be the right choice!
Implants provide the most long-lasting and predictable outcome when it comes to replacing missing teeth. In addition, we use Straumann Implants that have a 98.9% success rate. Our surgeon works hand and hand with our restorative dentist to provide our patients with complete implant treatment in one office! No referrals! Ask our team about scheduling a no-charge consultation to get more information on your personalized implant treatment plan.

Types of Dental Implants

There are many options when it comes to dental implants. Depending on the specific case, our specialists have different types of implants to fit your specific needs. While fixed dental implants are the most common, we also offer removable implants that may be a better alternative for your needs. Additionally, if you are missing just one, a couple, or all your teeth, dental implants are great permanent solution. Candidates for dentures often turn to dental implants due to their natural appearance and ability to stay locked in place. Not having to hassle with putting teeth in and taking them out every day is a huge plus.

Implant Bridges

Implant Bridges are a cost-effective replacement option for multiple teeth without sacrificing quality.

Locator Implant Dentures

Locator dentures are supported by implants, which provide patients with more stability and retention than traditional dentures. These dentures are removable.

Hybrid Implant Dentures

With Hybrid Implant Dentures, you no longer need to worry about taking your dentures in and out. This type of implant function and look just like natural teeth. Hybrid dentures are retained by implants and unremovable.

Dental Implant Care & Maintenance

Like natural teeth, dental implants require routine care and maintenance. Regular brushing and flossing are still necessary to ensure that your implants remain looking and feeling great. Post implant X-rays allow us to monitor how the implant is healing over time and to determine if any adjustments, while rare, are needed.

Comfort Sedation

Many patients have anxiety about upcoming dental appointments. To help our procedures go smoothly, we offer IV sedation to reduce anxiety and help eradicate any fear surrounding the dentist. If you are interested in IV sedation or have any questions or concerns, contact our office today!